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VAR / Systems Integrator / Consultant

Does your Customer need a Multistore / Multi Tenant / Marketplace or High Volume B2C or B2C solution?

We can help you provide your customer with a leading edge ecommerce solution on time and on budget.

We can back you up to provide the expertise and experience to ensure you can deliver a successful project. We can deploy not only on premise solutions but are very experienced with large scale cloud autoscaling solutions.

We typically work in one of three ways:

  • You do the work and we provide support and training
  • We do the complete implementation and your team supplies the UX / HTML for the site or
  • We provide some of the enhancements and divide the project work between us

We can be on calls with your customer and help you quote enhancements the customer requires and help determine gaps between their needs and what our application can provide. For larger projects we can come to your office for design meetings for a few days to a week at the start of a project. As we have development offices globally we normally work remote and use Skype chat, tickets email and voice calls to keep in constant contact. We are experienced with projects ranging from 20k to the low millions and have a history of delivering on time and on budget and have great customer references.

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