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Buy Vs Build?

We have spent the equivalent of 800 man years adding deep functionality to our application so that when your client asks can the prices vary per customer or can we have the same store on a different url but with these payment methods, or can we do complex shipping or taxes or promotions then you know that you probably have the capability already there. Also we are here to back you up so that if there is anything needed we can quote to cost effectively add the functionality if you choose. You could start with a simple solution but most online marketing departments that are ambitious will soon request enhancements where the amount of development required makes building it yourself not practical. Also we have a continual stream of features being added that add to the capability of the system.

We can supply support to your teams, core code changes and enhancements with your team handling UX and HTML design and integration or we can provide teams to handle all enhancements needed - on a fixed timeline and budget. We have our own team in global offices and can supply 24 hour development to your project and we have experienced project managers that know ecommece and integration that can work with your technical and business teams.

Modern Software

Java is faster than PHP and is the standard for larger enterprises due to speed plus a rich ecosystem of open source modules you can take advantage of. The best Java solutions use the Spring MVC framework to abstract the view layer, Hibernate to abstract the database and Solr for speed. We also add memcache, varnish, nginx and multiple built in caches. We have a unique preview system where you can do end to end testing and a publishing system to send templates and product data to a highly cached shop cluster for speed.

Multi Store/Tenant, Language and Currency

Looking to setup Multiple independent Stores? We can also supply Master Catalogs and Marketplaces that help you manage hundreds of stores and also include Template libraries to make it easy to maintain.

Ease of Integration

Not only do you have full a web services interface but you also have the ability to import from spreadsheets and our unique ERP integration and PCI applications. Our unique ERP integration tools speed integration in real time to your back end systems. Instead of spending months writing webseevies code you can have your data replicated to your ERP system so that just simple data copying is needed to complete the integration. And when you need real time inventory, customer code look up and even prices we can do that too.

Ease of Development

With the Spring frame work you can wire in changes using Spring XML files which helps separate your code changes from the core also we have a module subsystem that you can use to create modules that bring in not just code changes but also admin and database changes as well so that you can separate your changes from the base system. This makes upgrading to newer versions of code simpler so that you can take advantage of new features.

Flexible Deployment Options

Our strength is not only with complex integration and being able to customize to add any feature your marketing teams want but also with highly scalable on premise or cloud deployments. The key benefit of the cloud is autoscaling and our solution includes capability so that you are cost effectively using minimal servers when load it low and autoscaling when needed as load demands keeping your usage to what you need. If your teams want to with VPCs, Cloudfront to create a scalable deployment we have deep experience in these areas.

How we work

Typically we receive a list of requirements and we go through a gap analysis advising how we can handle each requirement you have. Every solution out there has a different level of depth of support for each feature and a gap analysis helps clarify he differences. You can also start with our Small Catalog Enterprise Edition and start developing right now. Sign up for some of our Quick start development webinars to get started quickly. If you have no code changes start with a On Demand SsaS edition. You can also request an demo so that your questions can be answered directly.